Torus Engineering Solutions


Torus Engineering Solutions was initially formed with the intension of solving the problem of sourcing vintage parts for a range of industries.

Some of them include,

  1. Vintage/Classic
  2. Agricultural
  3. Automotive
  4. General Engineering

The Vintage market is a growing industry with enthusiasts of all ages, however there can be problems when parts or components are broken, no longer produced, part availability is limited or simply the costs carry high prices.

This is where Torus has found a place in the market.

Torus recently completed two contracts where the customer has been trying to get the parts reproduced for the last 20 years! Modern tooling and silicone moulding techniques meant batch production could be achieved within budget.

Following on from our recent vintage success we have been branching out into more complex designs,3D printing and technical drawing. At Torus we are passionate about engineering and design. Our goal is to make the impossible, possible and deliver customer satisfaction at a reasonable price.

Thanks for looking,

The Torus Team